Mindset Mayhem (or Will I Ever Be Good Enough?)

Angie Monko (Harmony Harbor Coaching) and I began forging our unique relationship about 4 years ago when we travelled to Vancouver together for Callan Rush’s Magnetize Your Audience. It was an interesting trip for both of us, but for different reasons. Angie needed business and marketing skills that were catalyzed and nurtured there. I needed that too, but more than that, I needed to take a look at an inner game I didn’t even know I had!

So what is this inner game thing and why does it matter? Well, here it is: we all come to this Earth ready for programming and the world encodes us as we grow. Unfortunately, we are often programmed to believe the worst, to fear and to minimize our experiences in order to “stay safe.” I’m sure that right now, you are thinking of a story that you tell yourself, a time when someone you loved or someone in authority over you denied you something you wanted or curtailed your experience (ever try to run across the street without looking and get your bottom whomped?). Even though, in that moment, eating the food would have made you sick or running into the road would have gotten you run over, your subconscious internalized that as a judgment.   You are not deserving of ice cream. You are too stupid to cross the street by yourself. I remember as a kid I would bring home a test with a 98% on it and my dad would ask: “What happened to the other two points?” I’m pretty sure he was ‘teasing,’ but that got internalized as: “Nothing you ever do will be good enough.” And, knowing that I am FAR from perfect (I don’t do details, I am forever in la-la-land dreaming and scheming, I find it terribly difficult to finish what I start – even writing this blog-post is causing me anxiety!), I fear rejection and anger and disapproval from everyone (yes, even from YOU, my friend, even from you) because I AM so darned imperfect! Now, once you have accepted that you are THIS imperfect (unlovable, undeserving, unworthy, etc….), you do have some choices: shut down and do nothing, people-please until you are miserable and exhausted or try desperately to prove I CAN DO IT while sabotaging yourself because, let’s face it, you DON’T DESERVE SUCCESS!!!!

Am I touching a nerve? I hope so! Because we cannot have the life we truly desire if we cannot discern between those inaudible voices in your head and the TRUTH: We are infinite beings capable of creating any experience we truly want.   Once we “turn the volume up” on those voices, we can hear them for what they are, deal with them and put them to rest. We can stop making excuses and sabotaging ourselves and we open ourselves up to learning, implementing and ultimately mastering the skills we need to take our business, heck, our VERY LIVES, to the next level.

You see, you need BOTH — Prosperity Mind Set and Business Breakthrough Skill Sets – to achieve all you want in life. Honestly, the only difference between any of us and the “stars” in life is the combination of Mindset and Skill Set. Those folks BELIEVE differently, so the ACT differently. And THAT, my friend, makes all the difference!

Think about it: You’ve been to Rev Up once before. You’ve gotten the templates and a lot more networking know-how than the average business owner – but have you consciously and methodically implemented all you learned with “all in commitment?” Or, have you, little by little, allowed yourself to fall back into old habits – even though they STILL are not producing the results you want? What is holding you back? I know that mastery and mentoring are part of the issue and I know that whatever your MINDSET is, if you aren’t experiencing the shift you expected in your business, that’s the other variable in the equation! How do I know? Cuz I’m sittin’ right there with ya! And so is Angie.

Yup. Angie and I have both been there (and I’m sure we’ll land there again and again and again), and fortunately, we have EACH OTHER to help us get back on track. Now we want to help YOU! So CLICK HERE to reserve a spot on Friday’s Hangout and reserve April 22-25 to spend 4 days with us at the Pathway to Prosperity Business Breakthrough retreat where Angie and I will help get you on track to have THE BEST YEAR of your life – personally and professionally. We are going to bare our souls, share our struggles and guide you through a process that will revitalize your soul and revamp your habits so you can truly have the prosperity you desire.

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