Why, Oh Why, Can’t I?

What is it about some people that makes them seem so WILDLY SUCCESSFUL?  How on EARTH do they do it?  They have these HUGE business, connections galore, trappings of success. Golly — they seem so, so, PERFECT!!! Do you ever find yourself wondering: If THEY can have it all — why, oh why, can’t I?  Well, success leaves CLUES and in my experience, there are a number of things the GURUs do right:  They are AMAZINGLY GOOD at one thing, and that’s enough (laser focus).  They have a very high “deserve level” (success consciousness).  They know that learning is never out for the pro (kaizen).

Have you ever gone to a workshop or seminar intent on discovering the “magic bullet” that will solve all your problems and get you moving consistently toward your goals, only to find that the information was great, but somehow, those great insights don’t work when you take them home and implement them?  Well, you aren’t alone!

I was coaching a client the other day who told me that building a referral team “isn’t working.”  He’s talked to several potential team members and they aren’t giving him referrals and he’s getting ready to just go back to cold calling!  We talked a bit more to uncover the causes of his frustration, and I discovered some mistaken paradigms that we needed to shift:

Just because someone does business with your IDEAL CLIENTS, doesn’t mean they are going to give you referrals  Referrals are NOT for the asking, they are for EARNING and that takes adherence to the five step process we talked about on Day 3:

  • Purposefully build RELATIONSHIP
  • IDENTIFY prospects and connections in each other’s networks
  • Create STRATEGIES for making the introductions (be sure you provide your partner with all the necessary tools!)
  • EXECUTE the plan
  • And, get back together to EVALUATE the progress
  • Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Just because someone doesn’t work out as a referral partner, it doesn’t mean that the process doesn’t work!  Any time you are prospecting, you are going to kiss some frogs!  The key to success in building your team is getting CRYSTAL CLEAR  on what an ideal referral partner looks like and start working your network, networking the network and networking towards that ideal.

The tip of the iceberg is all that there is.  What do I mean by that?  The TITANIC wasn’t sunk by the part of the iceberg everyone saw coming… it was the part of the iceberg BENEATH THE SURFACE that caused 99% the impact!  It means that, it could very well be all the details you don’t know that are what could really be holding you back from achieving your goals!

For me, personally, these three paradigms are essential to my success:

  1. If something “isn’t working,” I’m missing a key element.  This causes me to proactively seek gaps in my knowledge and work to close them.
  2. All action (or inaction) is a matter of priority.  If I’m procrastinating, I’m prioritizing my fears instead of pursuing my success.  If I’m focused and working, I’m prioritizing my mission, vision, passions and purpose.  It’s that simple! But that doesn’t mean managing the mind is EASY! Being mindful of priorities takes practice — no, it IS a practice.  Choice after choice you make moment by moment either TOWARDS your purpose or AWAY from it!
  3. Quantum change requires mentorship.  I simply cannot blast through my challenges, master my Inner Game and produce massive results unless I leverage the expertise of others.  And, that always comes with a pricetag — money, influence, effort, favors, work…

I have a gift for you:  I’d like to invite you to take an hour to see how my life coach, Angie Monko, and I have worked together to put these three important principles to work in our lives.  Angie has been my Mindset Maven for nearly 4 years now, and I have been her Referral Diva for the same time period.  Together we are on our way to building lucrative, 7-figure businesses that fuel our passions, fund our dreams and impact the world.  We have both invested heavily in programs with other coaches and mentors and we have spent countless hours calling each other out on our, well, CRAP.  Last week we did a Google Hangout together where we pulled back the curtain on our successes, failures and admitted to an awful lot of head-trash — PUBLICLY — and I’d love to share the replay with you!

You can watch it here:  PROSPERITY HANGOUT REPLAY

There’s an action guide you can download AND if you are interested in learning more about our April Business Breakthrough event, be sure to click the TAKE SURVEY NOW button and tells us what you are up to!

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