Who ya gonna call?

The lifeline of every business is cash-flow.  Dependable, consistent, predictable cash-flow.  Yet, so many small business owners fail to set aside time to do THE ONE THING that will fix this problem:  prospecting.  Maybe your sick and tired of cold-calling for no results.  Maybe you’ve been working on building your world-class referral team, but just can’t seem to find the right people to bring onboard.  Or, maybe, you just don’t know where to start.  At some point, I’ve been in ALL of those places — and man, it’s exhausting!  Luckily, I found someone who showed me how EASY it can be to keep my pipeline filled with new, exciting possibilities for connecting with some amazingly cool people and expanding my network! His name is Josh Turner, founder of Linked Selling and Linked University and best-selling author of Connect!

Josh is about to release his second book,  Booked and I was lucky enough to score and advance copy.  This book is so amazing that I just had to share this great information with you! I met Josh around the time I started my quest to really understand how referral marketing really works.  At the time, he was just starting his company, Linked Selling. helping companies develop more business leads using LinkedIn.  From that, Josh created Linked University to help entrepreneurs learn to use the same strategies he was using to help his clients exponentially grow their businesses.  Gotta tell you — his techniques are simple and easy to apply.  Using his system just 18 minutes a day, you can dramatically expand your network and greatly impact your business’ ROI.

About a year ago, Josh and I ran into one another again, and man, am I glad we did because he has become a valued referral partner and friend. While researching for Booked Josh discovered some pretty interesting things…

Entrepreneurs and small business people like you and me create businesses that contribute to society, employ people, and solve the problems of our customers.

In fact, small business is the #1 driver of global economic growth.

And yet, according to Bloomberg, 8 of 10 small businesses fail. That’s an amazing number… 80%! It just doesn’t seem fair, does it? It certainly doesn’t feel right.

So what causes 80% of small businesses to fail? Cash flow…. or, rather, lack thereof!

Without consistent cashflow, you’re long term outlook isn’t great. A recent study showed that 87% of business owners struggle with cash flow. This same study also found that nearly all of these businesses do not have systems in place to generate leads and appointments consistently. Meanwhile, the other 13% of businesses that DO NOT have cash flow issues…nearly all of them reported that they DO have these systems in place.

The key to maintaining cashflow is having a system to generate clients consistently. The way to do that, is to get in front of more prospects and book more appointments, and man, is Josh an expert at that!

That’s why I’m so excited that he is offering business owners, like you, a copy of his new book, 100% free, for a limited time.  Just CLICK HERE to request your free copy!

If you want to find out how to attract as many warm prospects as you want – any time you want – this new book is THE solution. There’s no one on the planet who’s created anything like the cutting-edge prospect and revenue generating system in Booked.

Josh saw the light a few years ago when he noticed that traditional marketing tactics and all the popular social media “magic formulas” weren’t helping to generate REAL business for his company. And he knew that if it wasn’t working for him, the rest of us were probably struggling, too!

So he went looking for something that DID work… and he found it.

After years of research and a ton of trial and error, Josh created and fine-tuned an appointment generating system that has not only allowed his business to rapidly grow, but has helped thousands of other businesses in all sorts of industries do the same.

So when a guy with that record of success writes a book on how to generate more business, you KNOW it’s powerful information. And in, Booked he teaches the exact same system both he and his clients are using to consistently generate leads and appointments.  And, most importantly, fixing the cash flow problem for good.

I don’t think there’s a lead generating system this potent and this consistent anywhere. And once you make all these online connections, well, you are just a few steps away to building your ideal team of referral partners!

It’s absolutely free, so CLICK HERE, and download your very own copy of Booked!

This is more than a free book… It’s an opportunity.  Because when your business is humming along and bringing in the kind of revenue you’ve always dreamed of, everything changes.  You’re able to live the lifestyle you want to live – and make a real difference in the world through the lives of the people you’ll impact with your business.

And isn’t that what entrepreneurship is really all about?

About the Author: The Referral Diva