Four Simple Steps to Achieving Your Goals

So you’ve taken on a new challenge! You are excited and you truly believe that THIS TIME you can reach your goal… Most of us start out this way… but somewhere along the way, we get distracted. The old habits that we are SO ready to give up seem to take us over and we feel like we are fighting an uphill battle. Sometimes, we even get so discouraged that we toss our goals out like last week’s leftovers! We beat ourselves up, add another layer of limiting beliefs (I’m stupid. The goal was stupid. What was I thinking? I’m too busy for this. Life is too complicated right now…) and move further and further away from creating an experience we really desire. To often we worry about the goal and forget to focus on the activity!

Well, I’ve found this simple key to success in my friend PETE! Now, PETE isn’t a real person, he’s an acronym and he stands for: Plan, Execute, Track, Evaluate. So how did I meet PETE? Well, we’ve all heard how important it is to track, right? So I found myself tracking and tracking and tracking and NOT getting the results I thought I should. It seemed like I was doing the right work, but somehow the goal kept eluding me. And then, it hit me! I wasn’t working with focused purpose! I sailed through my week, letting the winds of urgency blow me off course day by day, and so, by the end of the week, sure, I had done a few things that would contribute to me reaching my goal… but they weren’t strategic and it wasn’t enough.

If you want to successfully complete any challenge, the first thing you simply must do is PLAN! Set your objective and then reverse engineer so you know exactly what you need to accomplish on a monthly / weekly basis –what milestones you’ll be celebrating along the way. Then determine what your daily activities need to be in order to get there. For example, let’s say I want to write a book in 3 month’s time. First, I need to know how many pages? Let’s say 150. That means that I need to have 50 pages completed every 30 days. That means 13 pages a week or 2 pages a day. 2 pages is approximately 500 words. Then, based on how many words I can write an hour, I can calendar that writing block into my schedule.

Then I need to EXECUTE: I need to actually hold myself accountable for doing the work! For keeping my promise to myself and staying the course. Creating a vision of the goal completed in my mind will be the fuel that gets me going… but taking action on the plan is key to moving toward the goal!

TRACKING your planned activities is the best way to hold yourself accountable to your progress.

And finally, EVALUATE your progress! Are you completing your daily, weekly, monthly activities? If not, why not? What’s holding you back? What obstacles are in your way? Taking just a few moments at the end of each week to check in on your progress can help you achieve your goals!

Plan. Execute. Track. Evaluate.  With PETE’s help, you can go ALL IN on the activities that are necessary to achieving the success you desire!

About the Author: The Referral Diva